Health, Safety and Wellbeing for your Stay with us!

We are looking forward to the hotel life with the many nice and interesting encounters and to a wonderful summer time in the middle of the beautiful nature at the lake.

Fortunately, we have a lot of space in the hotel and on the hotel grounds and so we can implement the recommended health and safety regulations very well. General restaurant guidelines have been in place in Austria since May 15, 2020 and they have so far proven itself very well.

The hotel-restaurant guidelines can be derived from the general restaurant guidelines:

  • ALWAYS where possible: KEEP A WELL-BEING DISTANCE - at least 1 m from other guests who do not live in the same household
  • Should there be a large number of guests in the hotel lobby at the time of your arrival, guests should wear a nose and mouth protection upon arrival, this is not necessary on the entire hotel grounds, in the restaurant and in the café / bar area
  • Mouth and nose protection is required for employees who are in contact with guests
  • Tables are set-up per guest/family with 1 m distance to the next table Consumption at the bar or meal counter is only permitted if a distance of 1 m from the counter or bar staff is possible
  • For guests, self-service at the buffet is possible if a disinfection station is available when entering the buffet room, where hands can be disinfected immediately before going to the buffet. Face masks are not necessary for guests, as a comfortable distance of one meter must be maintained and is considered sufficient.  

The following guidelines also apply on our large hotel complex:

  • In the restaurant, the table arrangement is set up so that the distances are correct and we cannot respond to requests for special table arrangements. However, there is a fixed table available for every family or guest. The seat should be taken quickly in order not to produce queues.
  • The meal times take place over longer periods. Breakfast is available from 7.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then as brunch/lunch until 1.30 p.m., and dinner will be ready from 6 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. in order to avoid peak hours.
  • A hand disinfection station will be set up at both entrances to the buffet so that the buffet walk will be possible on an individual basis. Trained employees are present in the buffet room for the hygienic monitoring and they will continuously disinfect and clean the buffet cutlery, point out the 1 m distance, help etc. Our service staff will be also be happy to serve you the food from the buffet at any time to your table.
  • Hotel beach: We have created more space this year to make even better use of the beach and to ensure the well-being distance. The sunbeds are arranged so they there is enough distance between them. In the beach café, the table distances are equally prepared so that you can enjoy your afternoon coffee without worrying about taking a seat.
  • Our lake sauna is switched on all day long from 6.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. The 2nd sauna will also have a longer operating time if required. The saunas can be visited individually or together by families. If it becomes too "tight" and necessary at certain times, we will create a reservation list with time intervals in order to spread the usage out. Individual sauna and steam bath reservations are possible at any time in the indoor pool area. There will also be a list for this at the reception.
  • A distance of 1 m from strangers must be maintained in the beach pool. According to the Austrian Bath Hygiene Guidelines, the current disinfection measures are sufficient and the swimming pool can be visited with a "feel-good distance".
  • In the gym at least 2 m comfort distance between individuals has to be kept. Good ventilation through open windows an doors is recommended.
  • In the indoor pool, the previous bath hygiene guidelines and the feel-good distance of 1 m in the water and 10 sqm per person or for a family in the relaxation areas are required.
  • The rules for childcare are based on the official kindergarten rules. There are no special rules for hotel childcare. It is not possible to keep a distance of 1 m from children and between children, so this rule applies where possible. Parents should also make sure to wash their hands shortly before handing over the children. However, the distance, washing hands and dealing with one another in the sense of the rules of conduct are brought closer to the children as "playfully" as possible. Regarding games, those with as little physical contact as possible will be chosen.
  • In every other hotel area, cleaning is to be carried out as before, but more often and in between communal areas will be disinfected more often as well. Frequently used handle areas in the entire hotel are cleaned several times a day. The cleaning staff are well trained and looked after by our longstanding partner company Ecolab, which also cleans sanatoriums and hospitals. Especially in the winter seasons, in which the flu wave starts rolling year after year and we have been able to prevent it very well for our employees and guests in the hotel over the past 10 years, the best and most careful cleaning experience was gained in this regard. If possible, use your room toilets and as little as possible the public hotel toilets.

We reserve the right to change various regulations in the meantime depending on their practical suitability or official adjustments.

If you go shopping in Carinthia, to the hairdresser, to the post office, visit an exhibition, enter a general public indoor area or use public transport, please make sure you wear a mouth-nose protection. If you have any further questions, we are always there for you, preferably by email (

We look forward to your visit and remain with kind regards from the already sunny and green southern Carinthia and best wishes for happy summer days!

Family Sammer and the Amerika-Holzer team