Water unites heaven and earth. Let’s float and forget time.

Water unites heaven and earth. Let’s float and forget time.

Find yourself surrounded by natural fresh water, floating with the small gentle waves and kissed by the sun. Be one with the most elemental forces of life – and enclosed by the fascinating scenery. Hills. Mountains. The lake and you – and a very unique hotel at the lake that takes wellbeing to a completely new level.

4* Hotel at the Lake with Beach Pool

Re-experience wellbeing in your hotel directly at the lake. Enjoy the beautiful cosiness: in the lake and pool lounge of our hotel at the lake. Pure wellbeing – book now and start into our holiday summer!

Take a sauna directly above the lake, enjoy the exquisite sauna ceremonies and then dive straight into the fresh water - like Adam and Eve. Refreshing and mild. Ideal for before and after your sauna session. Get your smooth tan on in the sheltered area of our sauna island during your lake spa holidays in Austria. 

Doze on a cosy sunbed and let your thoughts wander above the peaceful lake. Enjoy the light sun rays and take up all the positive energies – sprout, thrive and regain your strength. 

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