Moment of Relief, Beauty and Luck.

Discover the world of massages, wellbeing and therapeutic treatments in the Amerika-Holzer Hotel Resort.

Gentle pressure. Selected oils. Essential scents and more. Impressions from all over the world – classical European, South-East Asian, traditional Chinese – it’s your choice. Are you up for something new? We now also offer Dorn-Breuss massages and osteopathic treatments for your health and vitality. Let our professional massage therapists spoil and inspire you with their skills and experience of many years.   

Our Massage Offering includes the following Treatments

Massage & Therapy

Part & Back Massage

Enjoy a targeted massage of your back, neck, face, shoulders or feet. 

25 min   |   EUR 36,-

Full Body Massage

Spoil your body with the effective procedures that can even remove the deepest tensions. 

50 min   |   EUR 59,-

Wellness & Relaxation Massage

A harmonic relaxation massage with essential oils. 

50 min   |   EUR 62,-

Special Shoulder & Neck Massage

With hot stones.

25 min   |   EUR 36,-

Back-Fit Massage

Spoil your back with the effective procedures that can even remove the deepest tensions

50 min   |   EUR 62,-

Head Massage

25 min   |   EUR 36,-

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

25 min   |   EUR 36,-

Honey Massage

For purification and detoxification.

25 min   |   EUR 36,-

Deep Release Massage

Symphonic massage for head, shoulder and neck. 

50 min   |   EUR 62,-

Lymphatic Drainage

Dr. Vodder.

50 min   |   EUR 59,-

Facial Lymphatic Drainage

25 min   |   EUR 36,-

Dorn Breuss – Spine Treatment

The gentle and energetic back massage removes tensions and leads to the regeneration of any damaged spinal discs.

50 min   |   EUR 65,-


Mobility disruptions, which affect health and wellbeing, will be identified within the structures of your body and then treated accordingly. 

45 min   |   EUR 95,-

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

45 min   |   EUR 95,-

Osteopathy for Children

45 min   |   EUR 95,-

Motivational Training

Personal Training

One-on-one training (Nordic walking or running) with fitness coach Willi Pinter, work out your personal trainings schedule.

50 min   |   EUR 45,-

Simply book your favourite massage directly at the hotel reception during your stay , or in advance:   

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