Our Sauna on the Lake.

Warmth. Lake. Balance and Harmony.

Discover the unparalleled symbiosis of sauna and lake from early spring until late autumn. The interaction of the glorious nature with many trees, the amazing view onto the nearby mountain chain and the soft lake water. Our sauna on the lake allows you to feel your body in a completely new way. It activates hidden forces and stimulates your body’s circulation. 

Austria Holidays at the Lake

Exquisite oils meet natural stone. Be surrounded by gentle heat. Keep your eyes closed. Your heart wide open – a jump into the refreshing water. Freedom. Purity. Love of life. 

Enjoy our professional sauna ceremonies directly above the lake – alternatively the soft sauna spoils you with comfortable 70°C while being surrounded by the calm lake and the stunning mountains. A wonderful experience for your senses.  

Spa & Beauty at the Lake
Beauty in the 4* Hotel Amerika-Holzer
Natural freshness. Long-lasting beauty.
Beauty & cosmetics at the lake.
Spa & Beauty at the Lake
Spa Treatments in the 4* Amerika-Holzer Hotel Resort
Moments of relief.
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