Carinthia. A county with many wonderful destinations.

Adventure trips in the heart of Austria.

Historic buildings and places, art galleries and museums, natural places with fantastic viewpoints, modern architecture or relaxed strolling around in the capital city – all that and more will make your holiday in Carinthia a spectacular adventure trip in the heart of Austria.

Nearby Trip Destinations – Half-Day Trips

The thunderous Waterfall of Wildenstein(german), the majestic Flowstone Cave of Obir, the gorge ‘Trögener Klamm(german)’ or the medieval castle ‘Griffner Burg(german)’, the castle ‘Hochosterwitz’, the romantic Saint Paul’s Abbey(german) with seasonal art galleries, the ‘Werner Berg’ Gallery in Bleiburg, the Art Collection of Liaunig, the interesting Bird’s Park with Petting Zoo, the Forest-Adventure Park, the Deer Park and the River Boat MS. Magdalena(german): for your entertainment, recreation and a lot of fun during your holiday in Carinthia – ideal for a half-day trip.

Trip Destinations in Carinthia

Crest the Pyramidenkogel(german) – the highest wooden tower in Europe, enjoy a boat trip on the lake ‘Wörthersee’, discover the miniature world Minimundus, the palace of Velden, the mighty castle of ‘Hochosterwitz’ or the castle of ‘Landskron(german)’ with falcon show, the breath-taking gorge ‘Tscheppa-Schlucht’ near Ferlach, the pictorial castle town ‘Friesach(german)’ or the cultural city ‘Gmünd(german)’ and the zoological garden in Rosegg: worthwhile destinations, which make your holidays in Carinthia even better.

The Hochosterwitz Castle in Carinthia
The Pyramidenkogel at the Lake Wörthersee
The Thunderous Waterfall of Wildenstein in Austria
Minimundus in Carinthia