Your Swimming Holidays in Carinthia

The element water in its purest form.

What makes the Lake Klopein so special? There are no motorboats allowed on the entire lake – except for the water rescue boat. That makes it an ideal lake for everyone who loves swimming in clear fresh water – long distances without interruptions or the smell of motorboat fuel. The distance from our beach across the lake to the other side of the lake is 500m – perfect for a sporty swim session. Our bay spans in between the hotel’s two private piers, which are around 50m apart from each other – which makes it easy to count the swimming distance after a beautiful morning swim session. 

Lakeside Spa in Carinthia, Austria

Toddlers, kids, teens and adults can book exclusive swimming lessons with us – and get the official swimming badge or even complete a valuable lifeguard course. 

Is there anything more beautiful than gliding through the flat water in the early morning hours – causing small waves to spread across the entire lake and listening to sound of nature? The best time for an early-morning swim is before breakfast, when the fresh water of the lake is the calmest – and your swimming experience of your holiday at our lake resort in Austria even more relaxed. In the afternoon, the up to 29°C warm and crystal clear water of the lake Klopein is the ideal refreshment after a chilled sun bathing session on the cosy sunbed on the pier. In case one day the weather is not too sunny, our combination of lake sauna island and fresh lake water is a unique experience. Your lakeside holidays in Austria: very close to the water. Very close to nature.

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